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The Relationship Between Payroll and Human Resources

In this day and age, businesses have many options for payroll services. From business accountants to web-based software, there are plenty of options to choose from. It has become a commodity for most people. Bottom line cost and ease of administration are typically the factors that most business decision makers weigh. That said, what is often overlooked is the strength of the human resources component in any payroll solution.

In most organizations, payroll is usually tasked with the accounting department. Payroll is handling of money and that is an accounting function in the eyes of most companies. However, many potential human resources pitfalls surround payroll. For instance, paying non-exempt employees a flat salary can lead to overtime violations. What about processing a timecard that has no "out" punch for lunch recorded... should you pay the missed meal period penalty? A full-time employee has zero hours reported for payroll... are they now on a leave of absence that should be tracked by HR? Although payroll is a financial business function, having HR expertise involved in the process is very important.

At Centralize HR, we incorporate payroll with HR to protect businesses from liabilities that overlap the two areas. We make sure our clients have all the ease of administration they come to expect with modern payroll software, while not giving up the personal guidance and expertise you need to stay compliant. Contact us today to see how we can help your business avoid a costly payroll slip up.

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